22 August 2017

New Bullet Trains To Put China Out Front On High-Speed Rail

Six years after China slowed down its fastest trains in the wake of a deadly crash, a next generation of super-fast trains are set to cut commute times between major cities.

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'Smart' Pill Bottles Aren't Enough To Help The Medicine Go Down

Lots of people forget to take their medicine on time. Now firms are selling "smart" pill bottles that send patients reminders through the internet. But maybe the real problem isn't forgetfulness.

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21 August 2017

Uber Hires Harvard Business School's Frances Frei To Address Leadership Issues

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Frances Frei, Uber's new vice president of leadership and strategy, about what she plans to bring to the ride-hailing company after more than dozen executives left this year.

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20 August 2017

Russian Bots Tweeting Calls To Fire McMaster, Former FBI Agent Says

An online tracker developed by former FBI agent Clint Watts has identified Russian bots as responsible for many tweets urging the firing of National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.

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18 August 2017

Is AI More Threatening Than North Korean Missiles?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk this week warned that AI is an enormous threat. There can be no doubt that the advent of smart, rather than smart-ish, machines, is a long way off, though, says blogger Alva Noƫ.

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