19 February 2017

Facebook Wants Great Power, But What About Responsibility?

Mark Zuckerberg has announced a plan to make Facebook the only primary platform people use to connect to others virtually. But he fails to discuss the responsibilities that come with that power.

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18 February 2017

Your Shareable Google Maps Lists May Be Really Interesting To Advertisers

A new feature allows users to create lists of places and share them with friends. Is Google Maps trying to become a social network or to collect more information about its users? Maybe both.

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17 February 2017

Local Police Departments Invest In Cell Phone Spy Tools

As we depend on our cell phones more and more, the tools to peek into our phones are getting better. Local police departments across the country are investing heavily in this technology. And, with few laws governing what police can collect and store, that has a lot of privacy advocates alarmed. NPR's Robert Siegel talks to City Lab reporter George Joseph about the spread of tools that let police collect cell phone data.

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Scientific Conference Planners Concerned About Immigration Policy

There's increasing concern among planners of science and technical conferences about the Trump administration's immigration restrictions. Many groups signed a letter asking Trump to rescind the order.

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Banned In Germany: Kids' Doll Is Labeled An Espionage Device

The doll Cayla looks like an everyday toy and gives no notice that it collects and transmits everything it hears, German regulators say.

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