11 October 2010

Phone Saves Man's Life from Bullet

Talk about a close call!

Nextel i870 MP3 Camera Cell PhoneMotorola i530- Phone (Nextel/Sprint)
A Harlem handyman was saved by his old-school flip-top cell today when an ousted building super — mad as hell that he was being replaced — opened fire at point-blank range , authorities said.
"You better get the f—-k out of her right now!" the angry super screamed, whipping out a silver handgun and firing one shot , said stunned handyman Juan Camarena, 54.
"I feel lucky to be alive," said Camarena, who suffered only a tiny half-inch scratch thanks to his Nextel I530. "I say thank God for the phone!"
Read more: Cell phone saves Harlem's man life from bullet - NYPOST.com

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