13 October 2011

Wifi Syncr syncs your Windows shares to your Android phone Wirelessly

"Wifi Syncr syncs your Windows shares to your Android phone. Wireless. Simply create profiles, select the Windows share or folder and start the synchronization with one click.
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*** Currently only direction PC >> phone is supported ***
Works with any Windows network share (Samba share). Doesn't need any software to be installed on the PC nor starts any kind of Server on your phone.
Help us to improve the software by mailing your bug reports and suggestions to info@appricoo.com.
- Choosable local destination folder
- Profiles for network shares / folders
- Support for share authentication (password protected shares)
- Built-in network explorer
- Built-in local folder chooser
- Sync all profiles at once
- Syncs deletion of files at the PC"

Download Wifi Syncr - Android Market

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