12 January 2016

At The 2016 Auto Show: Detroit Grows Up

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The unspoken themes at this year’s North American International Auto Show are beauty and brains. There were plenty of gorgeous two-door coupes to go around—some concepts, some the real deal—and lots of talk of sensors and systems. These ranged from on-board autonomous tech to permit varying degrees of self-driving up through more system mobility solutions to help make driving better and more efficient for everyone.

There wasn’t as much obvious muscle on display in Detroit as there has been in recent years—particularly last year’s double-whammy rollouts of the Ford GT and Acura NSX—but there was lots of technological finesse. Hybrids and EV’s are part of the fabric of our automotive lives now, and the focus is shifting to how to integrate everything into a more broadly beneficial collective. Call it a smarter, more evolved vision of the future on display—and a gorgeous one, to boot.

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