13 January 2016

The iPhone's Siri Can Beatbox In Different Accents

Article re posted from http://www.popsci.com/iphones-siri-can-beatbox-in-different-accents

Apple's Siri on the iPhone is known for her punchy humor and advising you on rain when you're already near a window. Now the iOS virtual assistant can help you get started working on that hot hip-hop track you've always wanted to record. Asking Siri about her beatboxing skills leads to her repeatedly saying "boots and cats"--the infamous phrase that beginner beat around the know and love. We decided to test Siri's beat-making skills, but not just in one accent. We took the task to American, English and Australian Siri. And we were pretty impressed with the results.

There's no surprise that each region's English-speaking Siri sounded differently when spitting hot fire from our iPhones. But we were surprised to see that with each change in accent the vocal assistant, the tempo increased. American Siris took their time while English Siris went a little faster. Australian Siri had the most upbeat beatboxing skills of them all. What's the rush, Australia?

With the release of the iPhone 6S back in 2015, Apple took a note from Android's ability to always listen for a key phrase and activate the voice assistant via voice. Not only can users activate it without needing to press a button, Siri on the new device can only be summoned when the phone's owner is heard. While it may not be as accurate as Touch ID, we found that it still works well. And, as you probably can guess, invoking Siri this way can also activate the beatbox mode. A feature even BB-8 can get excited about.

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