08 January 2016

The Most WTF Things We Saw At CES 2016

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is always filled to the brim with thousands and thousands of gadgets. Some of these are obviously useful, but many, many others are baffling in their inanity, audacity, and just plain weirdness. Imagine if you took the products from a Skymall in-flight catalog, amped up the oddity by a factor of eleven, and infused them with millions of dollars of venture capital and crowdfunding donations and the latest technological bells and whistles. That's CES.

And CES 2016 was full of stranger products than many gadget shows of the past few years, which is really saying something. Take a look at some of the ones that stood out to the Popular Science crew and left us reaching once again for that all-too familiar phrase: "WTF CES?"

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