17 February 2016

Apple Directed By Judge To Help Unlock San Bernardino Shooter's Phone

Article re posted from http://www.popsci.com/apple-directed-by-judge-to-help-unlock-san-bernardino-shooters-phones

Xavier Harding

iPhone 4, 5s, and 5

Apple has claimed they even they can't hack iPhones running iOS 8 or 9.

A U.S. judge thinks a recovered iPhone holds information necessary to the ongoing investigation of December's San Bernardino shooting spree.

The magistrate has ordered Apple to load software into the phone that bypasses security measures, namely the feature that deletes the phone's contents after too many incorrect password attempts, according to the Associated Press.

Federal prosecutors cannot access the alleged shooter's county-owned work phone because they don't know the password.

The FBI has been trying to crack the phone's password for two months, according to FBI director James Comey, who denounced encryption without back doors at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last week.

Apple has claimed they themselves aren't able to crack iPhones running iOS 8 or 9 (the most current operating system).

However, security expert Nick Weaver told Wired that there are still a few ways to crack an iPhone without needing a back door, including spoofing the fingerprint reader, getting a warrant for iCloud backups, or even questioning Siri.


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