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28 April 2016

Weighing The Good And The Bad Of Autonomous Killer Robots In Battle

It sounds like science fiction, but it's a very real and contentious debate that is making its way through the U.N. Advocates of a ban want all military weapons to be under "meaningful human control."

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Not A Drone After All? Unclear What Hit That British Airways Plane

The incident prompted calls for more drone regulation, but a U.K. lawmaker now says it probably was not a drone that struck the plane. And an investigation has ended because of a lack of evidence.

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Mars By 2018? SpaceX And NASA Announce A New Space Project

The Red Dragon missions are aimed at figuring out what's needed "to land large payloads propulsively on Mars." For now, the plan doesn't include sending astronauts to the red planet.

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Yahoo's Security Chief On Encryption Debate: What Is The Greater Good?

When Bob Lord talks about encryption, he invokes the imagery of a whisper — the idea that you should be able to recreate the most private means of physical communication in the digital world as well.

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27 April 2016

FBI Explains Why It Won't Disclose How It Unlocked iPhone

The agency says it doesn't have the rights to the technical details of the unlocking method, and so it can't submit it to a special review that would have determined if Apple should be informed.

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